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GSK paid $37 million to get out out of the Lunesta deal, on a contract that would have given GSK rights to a share in the drug's foreign revenues for just $155 million in total. Lunesta made about ...
At one time, Sunovion's Lunesta ad budget was the largest for a drug brand on Planet Earth even though it's a relatively small company. Lunesta had big revenues before the Ambien went generic.
The drug's main advantage is that unlike Lunesta or Ambien is not a "scheduled" substance subject to DEA control. That makes it a good candidate to go non-prescription.
He also saw that Nexium, the hugely popular prescription drug he was taking for acid reflux, was not the best buy — it was Prilosec OTC, sold over the counter.
She found help in a clinical trial for Lunesta, one of a new generation of prescription sleep medications, and continued taking the drug after it hit the market in April.
Good Night's Sleep Eludes Many in U.S. Sleeping person in bed, drawing, partial graphic, insomnia, sleep, ambien CR, drug ... including Ambien CR and Lunesta. ... Over-the-counter sleep aids and ...
The researchers included all antidepressants in their investigation except monoamine oxidase inhibitors -- an older drug so rarely prescribed it could not be used to analyze trends in the study.
See news. Heath Ledger, known in better days for the movie "A Knight's Tale" and a son's part in "The Patriot" with Mel Gibson. He leaves behind a wife and 2 ye...
A new survey found an estimated 164 million Americans struggle to get a good night's sleep at least once a week. That's because Americans are busier than ever, said Lisa Gill, deputy content ...

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