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Where is the NPC or breadcrumb that triggers the intro to the Meridia quest? I don't want to just walk up to the meridia shrine, cuz I'm afraid I might shortchange myself not seeing the introduction/context for the quest.
For The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim on the PC, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Getting to Meridia's Beacon with console?".
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get to level 20, go to Meridia's shrine, do what she says, receive Dawnbreaker.....profit. Level 20 is not early in the game, by that point the person would already have money to buy cool weapons. You actually only need to be level 12 to do that quest, which still isn't that early unless you know how to level up quickly.
Truely hope you have a save outside that room that you can go back to town and buy/make potions ect. When I did this quest on my character I had a strong supply of potions with me healing/stamina/frost resist/fortify health ect being a alchemist and he really does hit hard burned through all my potions for healing.
I never buy potions as alchemy makes much better ones, but if you've hit up all the shops, then you could find a lot from certain quests if you haven't done them yet. If you haven't done the shrine quests for Meridia or Boethia, then both of those have opponents that will drop numerous strong healing potions.
So I got the quest from Jarl of Winterhold to go get the helm from Deepshade Refuge. I got the Meridia's Beacon quest from the shrine and it tells me to retrieve the Beacon at Yngol Barrow. I have read that both are random and populate in random locations arouund Skyrim.
For the most part you only find them in random loot but there are a few guaranteed sources. You can find them at the following locations: The Emperor's Quarters on the Katariah (Only after the Dark Brotherhood quest Hail Sithis! has started.)
I'm not sure if this is normal or not but since I was playing a Paladin character I immediately went to Meridia for her quest when I hit level 12 and one of the chests in the dungeon had ebony armor. AT LEVEL 12.

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