Best selling Light Novels of 2014
06-03-2014, 06:31 PM
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Tokutou tenjouin α no nanjiken (part of the Q series) tops out a packed week of new series, with 25227, with Campione volume 16 not far behind, with 24743 sales. There's a chance that none of these new things will hit 50k, though.

Biblia adds another 20809 to its sales tally. Going strong still, and up to 17th all time now. My prediction is it will end up 10th or 11th. More likely the latter.

Papa no Iu Koto wo Kikinasai vol 15 barely scrapes 20k. That's a nasty drop off on previous first weeks considering that it had 6 days to accumulate those sales. The last volume accumulated over 18k in just 3.

Highschool DxD comfortably passes 50k sales, gaining 17816 to 57.6k, the 9th volume to do so this year.

So much for Machine Doll not getting any anime boost! It pulls a bit of an Accel World, getting 16851 more sales in week 2, putting its total fully 5k above what volume 12 gained in one fewer days. Will it get a third week for the first time ever? It's unlikely, but possible.

Accel World itself gains almost exactly 7k, with Owarimonogatari gaining very slightly more. Both will soon be out of the rankings.

As predicted, Sanbiki no Ossan drops out of the rankings. This was a tough week, though, so it's possible that it will reappear.

Manga de wakaru... gains 13471 sales. It's almost embarrassing how well something that doesn't really belong on this list is doing.
08-03-2014, 10:32 PM
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Officially, Machine Doll v13 was released on the day before the rankings went in though I saw it was in stock a couple of days before that so I'm not sure if it really had 1 or 3 days of sales that first week. Either way, I think that explains the strong second week, a late release.

Next week should be interesting with the final volumes of Sakurasou, Golden Time and Ro-kyu-bu! Plus volume 10 of Strike the Blood! All officially released on Saturday so perhaps a short first week of sales for them as well though I think people are pretty excited about them.
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First post updated.

Strike the Blood 10 sells 21233 in 2 days. Volume 9 (also after the anime started) had sold 29194 in its first week, but in twice as many days. The last time a volume had this few days in week 1 was volume 6 which sold just 14k.

Biblia gets another 15k added to its sales figure

Sekaiichi hatsukoi gets the biggest second week of last week's new releases with 13471, although Tokutou tenjouin still has the highest total sales figure. Both are still quite some way off the 50k mark.

Rou-kyuu-bu! 14 sells 11368 (vol 13 sold 29k in 5 days - so a nasty drop there), only slightly ahead of Sakurasou 10.5's 11278.

Golden Time 8 sells 9547 in 2 days, thus missing out on inclusion in my spreadsheet for now, but all of these new releases I've mentioned here should rank next week as well. Vol 7 (post anime start) sold 15267 in 4 days.

Highschool DxD 17 adds 6377 to 63990. This makes it Highschool DxD's second bestselling volume, behind volume 13 which had a LE with an OVA attached.

Manga de Wakaru... overtakes Owari chuu for second best selling volume of the year, as this latter volume drops out of the rankings.

EDIT: One Piece Strong Worlds removed - turns out that it is a visual version, not a new light novel. Teach me a lesson to pay more attention to the subtitles.
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First post updated

Strike the Blood 10 hits 50k sales. This is the second volume of this series to reach this figure, and the first to do so in its initial ranking period. Volume 9, also after the anime started, got only to 37k (so this is a 35% boost over that one) and had 11 days instead of 9, so this is quite spectacular, especially considering the stock issues that most of the earlier volumes of the series has had since November. The same day total volume 6 has 28k. It should get a third week, for the first time ever, next week.
That makes 10 50k+ sellers this year now.

Sakurasou 10.5's sales comfortably overtake those of rokyuubu! 14.

Golden Time 8 gains 12876 to 22423. That's about 10% more than the previous volume's total after two weeks, which came out at the same time as Strike the Blood's previous volume. It's still a long way off volume 3's 43k sales, but at least its former rapid decline seems to have been halted by the anime, if nothing else.

Biblia adds 11480 to its sales. Only another couple of weeks left there by the looks of it. Ha! Only. Most series would love to get on the rankings in the first place.

Nyaruko-san volume 12 is the less than impressive bestselling new series this week with 10217. That's fairly consistant for the series itself, though.

Danshi Koukousei de too long title also enters my spreadsheet, getting to 15831 sales. That's quite a bit less than the first volume accumulated. Several other series released last week also pass the 10k mark.

Tokutou Tenjouin gains 5812 to 42460. It's halved since last time, though, so won't be hitting 50k. Similar story for Sekaiichi Hatsukoi, except that its sales are lower.
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Updated the first post of the thread.

Date A Live volume 10 sells 43798 first week, making it by far this week's top seller, as expected.

KoreZom 15 sells 13750 first week. It seems this series will never attain the heights of volume 12 again.

Nyaruko 12's second week slightly more than doubles its previous total. A slight sales drop on volume 11, but not too bad given the year or so gap between releases.

Biblia pulls off a slightly above expectation 9688 sales, climbing from 16th to 14th on all time sales as a result. 17k sales separate it from 13th - will it get there?

Strike the Blood volume 10 becomes the first ever volume of the series to rank for three weeks in a row, adding 6799 sales to total 57104.

We're nearly a third of the way through the year now, yet we still have just 10 things over the 50k mark. That's a low figure - last year had surpassed that by the middle of February. A large part of it, though, is the absence of a number of big series. OreImo and BakaTest have, of course, ended, but there has been no new volumes of either SAO series, haganai, mahouka, oregairu or kagerou days this year, and a distinct lack of series getting big resurgences in sales like there was near the start of last year. There also havent been any new series added to the 100k club yet. What will the future bring? Will the year gow stronger for Light Novel sales as it goes on, or will the period of very high sales that gradually slowed during summer last year come to be seen as a lost golden era of light novel sales?
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thread updated.

Kagerou days 5 gets 118k sales week 1. That's slightly more sales than the last one, in one fewer days as well I think.

Date A Live 10 adds 23772 to join the 50k sellers with 67k. It has already overtaken volume 9's sales. Volume 8 sold 83k, though, over 4 weeks. It'll be tough to beat that, although if the airing of the second season boosts its sales enough it could well do it.

Shuuen no Shiori Shuumatsu comes from nowhere to get a 21161 second week, for 29k total sales.

Mondaiji-tachi volume 9 sells 16301 in 2 days. Previous volume (which was a short stories collection) sold 23k in 4 days, the last part of the official series having done 30k in 5.

Biblia adds 9494. It's almost stabilised.

Mahou Sensou 8 adds 9454 to 15739 - fully 50% higher than its previous listed best.

OniAi 11 gains 8509 to 14684 second week. That's more than 20% below volume 10's sales after the same number of days, which itself was a huge drop on volume 9's sales (volume 9, incidentally, sold more copies in week 1 than volume 11 has from its first two weeks). Ouch.

Korezom 15 adds 8k to get to 21.8k exactly.

Kagerou days vols 1, 3 and 4 reenter the rankings irritating the heck out of me as it means I have to check if vols 1 and 3 had ranked previously this year. Okay good they ranked on the first week of the year. Kagerou days volume 1 and 4 join the 50k+ club. Volume 3 is less than a thousand away. Incidentally, volume 1 'overtakes' biblia 5's sales. In quotation marks as it would never have actually been below in the first place, of course.

There are now over 100 things that have sold 10k+ listed copies this year. And it seems that the lack of 50k sellers got rectified by default. Volume 2 of Kagerou Days would probably be above 50k for the year if that had ranked as well.
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Thread updated

Kagerou Days very narrowly misses out on the rare feat of a 100k+ second week, gaining 98977 to 217197 sales for volume 5. That's still enough to make it the second bestselling light novel of the year to date. All four previous volumes rank this time, as well, pushing the remaining two volumes into the 50k+ club. It seems my claim about volume 2 last time were out by 16 copies.

Owarimonogatari part 3 sells 93306 first week

Mondaiji-tachi volume whatever-it-is (I'm calling it volume 9) gains 27k to 43k sales from 9 days. Not bad I guess.

Date A Live 10 adds 9652 to 77222. Volume 8 is in sight, but can it overtake it?

Biblia's sales suddenly drop, but it still ranks. Almost 500k.

Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei volume 1 reenters the rankings. For whatever reason, MAL didn't list it the first time it came out, so this is the first time the volume has appeared in my weekly rankings data. I don't have data for volume 2 at all.
17-04-2014, 07:05 AM
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Mahouka gets over 100k first week for the first time ever - the previous best first week for the series was 86k.

That's not enough to take the week's top sales spot, though, as SAO vol 14 sells 167k. This one isn't a series best, though, as vol 12 sold 187k first week.

Even that is small fry, though, compared to the thing in third - kagerou days volume 5 gaining another 38k sales to 255k. Volume 4 only did 244k on its initial run, so that's already beaten, and it'll be around a while yet.

Owarimonogatari final volume adds 40k sales

Horizon volume 7 part 2 gets 26.6k first week sales, a little ahead of durarara!! SH's 24k and black bullet volume 7's 21.7k. Busy week.

Mahouka is on a rampage, with volumes 1-4 all in the rankings, the first of which gets 13k sales this week. There's a good chance from that that we'll see yet more volumes ranking in future, quieter weeks. Finally we have data on all mahouka volumes. Volume 4 gets a 50kish sales boost, and volume 3 gets one of 92k.

Kagerou Days volumes 1-4 also all rank again. Volume 1 overtakes volume 4's sales for this year.

Juuni Kokuki 12 passes 50k sales, as does the latest Mondaiji-tachi volume.

Biblia drops out the rankings. Not surprising, though, considering that rank 50 this week (Date A Live 10) is exactly the same sales figure as rank 36 last time, when biblia was 33rd.

All in all there were 13 volumes with >100k total sales in this week's rankings. That's the highest in a long time. Including 5 that weren't on the 100k rankings before. Which may well be the highest ever. Which mean we now have 200 things on the 100k+ listing.

The data for No Game No Life seems erroneous and as such has not been included.
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Mondaiji-tachi (Usagi goes to Purgatory) gets a third week to go over 51K.

Edit: oops, now I see you did mention it there...
24-04-2014, 06:03 PM
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Took a long time to do the stuff this week so not many comments.

OreGairu 9 sells 75k already. It's unlikely, but it just about might take the series' all time best sales as soon as next week. And volume 6 (the current record holder) has an entire year's worth of data.

Mahouka 13 adds 26k sales to 128k. It's ironic that it if anything stops this volume from taking the top spot out of volumes that haven't re-ranked, then it is likely to be the success of the very series itself. Chances are it will get there, though, rather than having to wait until November.

Tokyo Ravens 11 sells 16596 week 1, from 2 days. Volume 10, which came out shortly after the anime started airing, sold 10965 in as many days.

The cut off for ranking is even higher this week. I guess it'll probably stay unusually high for some time yet, with Mahouka, Kagerou Days and NGNL grabbing 14 of the 50 spots.

I've added NGNL to the year's sales figures. I sort of hope it won't get high enough for the all time figures. For convenience's sake.

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