Best selling Light Novels of 2014
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updated list with last week's data. Also added links to some titles in part 2, and added half year 2014 data. Still to add: half year and year data for 2011-13, year data for 2008-10, individual weekly rankings containing missing data.

Also removed section 3 slightly earlier than planned because of this:

New edit: Updated SAO 5 with new data. This pushes it from 23rd all time to 10th (although its figure from the former rankings would have put it in 17th for the current ones).

New edit 2: Updated Haikyuu Shousetsuban vol 3 with new data. This moves it from 22nd to 16th on this year's sales rankings, and from 193rd to 167th all time, as well as passing the 100k sales mark.

New edit 3: Fixed the 100k sales boundary spoiler that was broken with New edit 2.

New edit 4: Updated new data for:
Mikagura Gakuen Kimikyoku 4. This pushes it from 80th to 64th on the year rankings and 584th to 509th all time.
Sword Art Online 14. This pushes it from 38th to 28th all time, although it remains 3rd for the year to date.
Haikyuu Shousetsuban 3 (again). This pushes it up to 162nd all time.
Haikyuu Shousetsuban 1. This pushes it onto the yearly rankings in 45th, and pushes it up from 150th to 95th all time
Shuuen no Shiori ketsuraku -re:encode enters the rankings for the first time, in 80th for the year, and 573rd all time

EDIT: I am aware that Summer Wars is on the all time list twice. This is fixed on my spreadsheet and as such will be fixed in the next update.
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Thread updated. Added:
This week's rankings
An entry to yearly rankings that I only included in all time previously
Year and half-year data for 2013
Italics where missing in year rankings
More links in all time rankings
More dates in all time rankings (and thus more things with days count)
Added back italics to the all time list for entries with missing weeks of data during the time in which they are listed as having data (for example if a series last appeared on the weekly rankings in October and then appeared on the half yearly rankings the following year without ever appearing on the weeklies). I have yet to decide how to clarify how much data is missing from each entry.

Fixed the Sword Art Online: Progressive links
Removed Summer Wars' duplicate entry on all time rankings

Edit: fixed ranking order for year rankings.
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Thread updated with the last two weeks of data. No other changes have been made.
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Thread updated with latest week of data. Year/half year figures for 2012 should be re-added by next week.
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Updated with last week's data and year/half year figures for 2012
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added additional data for w/c 1st September:
Haikyuu Shousetsuban 2 is now on 140384 total sales. This pushes it from 33rd to 18th for sales this year and from 229th to 143rd all time.
Ashita no Kodomo-tachi enters the yearly rankings at 71st and all time joint 522nd with 37331 sales

added additional data for w/c 8th September:
Haikyuu Shousetsuban 2 gains 3394 sales to 143778. This puts it 17th this year and 139th all time
Ashita no Kodomo-tachi gains 2720 sales to 40051, putting it in 68th for the year and all time 490th

added additional data for w/c 15th September:
Haikyuu Shousetsuban 2 gains 3922 sales to 147700. This puts it 16th this year and 131st all time. In doing so it also overtakes the sales of volume 3.
Ashita no Kodomo-tachi gains 2521 sales to 42572. This puts it 59th this year and 457th all time.

added additional data for w/c 22nd September:
Haikyuu Shousetsuban 2 gains 3448 sales to 151148. This puts it 15th this year (and the highest of any volume released in a previous year) and 126th all time.

added additional data for w/c 29th September:
Haikyuu Shousetsuban 3 gains 5342 sales to 152367. This puts it 124th all time.
Haikyuu Shousetsuban 1 gains 4455 sales to 194198. This puts it 30th this year and 76th all time.
Haikyuu Shousetsuban 2 gains 3672 sales to 154820. This puts it 12th this year and 121st all time.

replaced toaru majutsu no index: new testament on the yearly rankings with shinyaku toaru majutsu no index for consistency with all time rankings

added data for w/c 6th October

Amagi Brilliant Park volume 1 total includes sales from its initial release period added to the current ranking data.
Durara SH volume 1 has had this week's data added to its total sales, which is known by deduction from the series sales figure. I am leaving the dates alone, although I've made a note on my spreadsheet that it includes data from another period. This pushes it up 4 ranks all time.

There are now 100 series on the yearly >30k list, and 57 have the former requirement of 50k, with 11 weeks left of the year.
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Thread updated. I'll add in more links and total days of data figures before next week.
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deleted duplicates of:
haikyuu shousetsuban vol 1
oreimo vol 3

corrected spelling of one series

added links to all entries with entries in lndb but which didn't already have them.

Added days data to more entries.
Added release dates for various volumes.

Note: This thread will be recreated at the end of this year as the current thread is running out of space - it is currently on 64682 characters out of a maximum of 65535. Until that point, no new links will be added.
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Thread updated. In order to fit the data into the post I have had to remove the number of days ranked in the all time list. This will be readded on creation of the new thread at the start of next year.
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Thread updated with latest week of data.

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