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Currently the image resolution used for the covers:
154x220 (small resolution)
350x500 (big resolution, once the cover image is clicked on)

Currently the image resolution used for the characters' images:
105x150 (small resolution)
245x350 (big resolution, once the character's image is clicked on)

For now these are the current resolutions used for the images on this site.

Future change might be to increase the big resolution of the covers from 350x500 resolution to 460x650 resolution.

Why increase the image resolution?
Higher and higher screen resolutions are being used... no other specific reason...

What about covers already uploaded and resized to the older resolution?
Unless users ask to change a cover/s and supply a bigger resolution covers, the already uploaded covers won't be changed.

When will this change happen?
Not today, not tomorrow, probably end of year or the start of next year.

You can share your opinions about this here Smile
22-08-2014, 07:19 PM
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Starting from January 2015, if the uploaded cover image is of width 460px or higher and of height 650px or higher, the uploaded image will be resized to 460x650. Uploaded cover images with lower resolutions will be resized to 350x500.

This was supposed to be done starting from January 2014 but was pushed to January 2015.

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