Carton sealing machine
02-05-2018, 01:47 PM
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Hot melt adhesive box sealing machine

This machine adjusts the size of the box by hand, and is easy to operate.

Major structural features:
1:It is suitable for carton packing which needs gluing and sealing.
2:It needs manual packing, placed in the conveyor belt, mechanical automatic gluing and sealing.
3:Box specifications change, within the specified range of convenient adjustment.
4:The amount of glue is 2/3 lower than that of hand sealing.
5:This machine is widely used, with glue saving, fast speed and convenient adjustment.
6;This machine is suitable for carton packaging of soap, toothpaste, paper towel, various kinds of food, medicinal materials, daily necessities, etc..
7:Cheaper machines, lower packaging costs.

Box SizeL: 100-200mm W:40-150mm H:30-80mm
Packaging speed10-60boxes/m
Glue tank capacity3.5L*2
Working temperature of glue tank150-200℃
VoltageAC 220V 50Hz
Gas consumption0.4Pa
Exterior dimensionL1800*W700*H1500mm
Carton sealing machine

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