China stud link chain
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We can manufacture the swivel forerunner with marine grade and offshore grade.
Swivel formation: E+EL+SW+EL+C, E+SW+EL+C, E+SW+C and so on
Material for offshore mooring chain: R3, R3S and R4
Marine Anchor Chain Grade: U2(CM490) and U3(CM690)
Diameter: 16mm to 152mm
Surface finished: Black tarred / hot dipped galvanized / self-colour
Chain type: Stud link chain / open link chain / as customer's design
Chain accessories: Kenter shackle, joining shackle, end shackle, swivel forerunner
Class certificate: ABS, LR, BV, DNVGL, KR, NK, CCS, RMRS and so on.
Test loads for marine anchor chain and mooring chainChina stud link chain
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