Authors, Illustrators & Light Novels Modification/Removal Thread
02-07-2016, 07:59 PM
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(20-06-2016, 04:13 AM)Sorakara Wrote:
(18-06-2016, 07:13 PM)SamZ Wrote: Sorry for the lateness, will be updated more frequently from now on.

Everything was changed other than this:
Tetsu Hamura instead of Tetsu Haruma

I see that there are two pages, one for "Tetsu Hamura" and one for "Tetsu Haruma":

Are they the same person? If so, I'll remove "Tetsu Haruma", and assign the light novels to be done by "Tetsu Hamura" instead.
Yes, they are the same.

A bit more:

Isekai to Watashi, Docchi ga Suki nano? instead of Isekai to Watashi, Docchi Suki nano?

Hideto Maruyama instead of Maruyama Hideto
Rei (玲衣) instead of only Rei

Could you also delete these two pages (ended up adding them again with slight different names): Youko and Noborowo.

"Tetsu Haruma" was removed, and "Tetsu Hamura" was assigned with all the works of "Tetsu Haruma".

Everything else was also changed, thanks.

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