Light Novel Labels and Magazines
28-01-2014, 04:59 AM
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The following light novel label and magazine were added:

GUSH Novels
Shousetsu GUSH

And more labels to be added soon.
31-01-2014, 08:05 AM
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The following light novel labels were added:

Fleur Bunko Bleu Line
Fleur Bunko Rouge Line

More to be added soon...
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The following light novel publishers became internal (in-house) brand companies of the Kadokawa Corporation starting from October 1, 2013:

ASCII Media Works
Fujimi Shobo
Kadokawa Shoten
Media Factory

Starting from October 1, 2013, the publishers' names will be "Kadokawa/publisher name", so the new names of the above publishers are:

Kadokawa/ASCII Media Works
Kadokawa/Fujimi Shobo
Kadokawa/Kadokawa Shoten
Kadokawa/Media Factory

I'm not sure why they couldn't just keep the names of the publishers as they are even though they have been incorporated into one company. Anyway, the above publishers will be added to the main site asap. Any new light novel volume published on or after October 1st, 2013 by one of the above company brands should have the publisher name as mentioned above.

In the not so far future the user will be able to pick author/illustrator/publisher/label per light novel volume, and this is only when there are multiple authors/illustrators/publishers/labels mentioned in the light novel series' info, otherwise there's no need to add such data per volume (since this data will be automatically inherited from the light novel series' info).


Ok, though the above seems to be true on at least online stores: (Kadokawa/Enterbrain) (Kadokawa/Enterbrain) (Kadokawa (Enterbrain))

But on the official site, the publisher's name is too long:

Maybe the incorporation of these companies into one, and their name change should only be mentioned in the publisher's info (once this possibility is added), but for now their English names are staying as they are.
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The following publishers were added:

Pony Canyon
Samurai Creative
Akita Shoten

The following light novel labels were added:

Otomitsu Milky Bunko (Otomitsu Milky Label)
Royal Kiss Bunko (Royal Kiss Label)
Neosbooks Blossomside
Kadokawa Bunko CrossLove
Honey Bunko
Opal Bunko
Ciao Novels
Daria Series
Priscilla Books
Shounen Champion Novels
MF Books
Ponican Books Light Novel Series

Wow a pretty noticeable increase in female oriented otome-kei/teens love (TL) light novel labels. Only the last four labels in the above list are aimed at males while the rest are aimed at females.

Two more new female oriented otome-kei/teens love (TL) light novel labels will be added soon...
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Two more recent female oriented otome-kei/teens love (TL) light novel labels were added:

MitsuNeko Bunko

The two above labels contain erotic content and are aimed at adult females.
01-03-2014, 07:41 AM
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The following light novel label was added:

Regina Bunko
15-03-2014, 08:00 PM
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The following publisher was added:

Micro Magazinesha

The following light novel label was added:

GC Novels

No information available about its target readership...
06-04-2014, 09:26 AM
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According to the publisher, Oakla Shuppan, the light novel label NMG Bunko is aimed at males:

The target readership was added to reflect that in the main site:

The order sheet (the above pdf file) seems to contain all light novel volumes currently published under the NMG Bunko light novel label (which are currently 7 volumes).
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The following publishers were added:


The following light novel labels were added:

Media Works Bunko
Media Soft Grace Bunko
Echikawa Bunko

Both "Media Soft Grace Bunko" and "Echikawa Bunko" are new labels that are starting next month. Media Soft Grace Bunko is yet another female oriented adult/teens love light novel label. Echikawa Bunko is a male oriented adult bishoujo kei light novel label.

Covers of the first two "Echikawa Bunko" light novel volumes are already available on Amazon Japan:
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The brand company Fujimi Shobo will be starting a new light novel label that's titled:

Fujimi L Bunko

The label is scheduled to start on June 14th, 2014 with the release of 5 light novel volumes.

Some people on 2ch are guessing that the "L" in the label title might stand for "Ladies", which would mean it's a female oriented label. Three of the light novel authors of the first upcoming lineup are authors of female oriented light novel works, one light novel author has works published under a general label, and one light novel author is an author of male oriented light novel works.

If it really is a female oriented label, it will be Fujimi Shobo's first light novel label that's aimed at a female audience. Fujimi Shobo publishes/published light novels under three male oriented light novel labels: Fujimi Fantasia Bunko, Fujimi Mystery Bunko (defunct), and Fujimi Dragon Book.

Though the label might also be a general oriented label, something like "Media Works Bunko".

I guess we'll have to wait and see...

The label will be added to the main website as soon as enough details about this label are available.

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