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04-11-2014, 06:35 AM
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The forum will finally be updated with the latest forum software with absolutely no compromise to the UI (theme). The upgrading process will take some time so the work will be divided to two stages on two days. The forum will be under maintenance tomorrow for the first stage of the update, which will probably take about 2-3 hours, after which the forum will be completely functional with some of the new features and few UI changes (mostly icons/images). The second and last stage of the update will probably take place in the near weekend (will let you know which day via this thread) after which the updating process will be completed.

Please let me know via this thread if you encounter any issues with the forum.
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First stage update was successfully done Smile Please look around and let me know if you run into any issue.

Some stuff that you might notice: few icons were changed, the editor for writing posts was changed (I like the look and feel of it), and various small UI changes...

Edit: If you run into any issue try first to clean your browser's cache and see if it solves the issue (it could be an issue of caching of the old forum software's files).
07-11-2014, 03:50 PM
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The second and last step of the forum update will be some time today, and will take less than an hour. In that time the forum will be in maintenance mode.
07-11-2014, 08:16 PM
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Forum update finished.

Avatars' maximum dimensions are now 130x130, and can be up to 130 KB in size.
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The forum software's database was compromised:

I highly recommend everyone registered to the forum to change the password to avoid any issues, even though the forum is backed up on a regular basis (weekly), but I can't emphasize how much it is important to change your current password to a different one. Sorry for the trouble but please go ahead and do so to avoid any drama later on.

If you are registered to the main website, there's no need to worry about your account there, and no need to change your password for the main website account, since it is different and separate account from the forum's account.
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I'm pretty sorry to all users of the forum and main website, I have had a major life issue that made me unable to do any maintenance to the main website, and the forum in the last 10-11 months.

Did I abandon the website and the forum?
Of course not, just a big hurdle in my life that I had to deal with, and left me unable to do any maintenance to the main site and forum for quite some time.

What am I planning to do from here on?
Well, first I'm planning to return by doing some updates that users asked for in both comments in the main website and forum. Anything related to new features will not be tackled at this time. Mainly updates of light novel related pages that were requested by users, addition of new light novel labels, and maintaining the forum (not allowing more spams). Looking into new features will be just after I feel I'm comfortable enough and everything I mentioned here is done.

The forum has been spammed with tens of thousands of posts, which I got rid off as a first step in the maintenance of the website (spammers and forum users that did not post anything were all removed, I apologize if I removed any authentic forum users, and please re-register in the forum). I apologize again for not meeting people's expectations as the website administrator, but I will do my best in maintaining it.

I do thank all the users that kept working with the main website, and adding lots of new authors, illustrators, and light novels to it. I do share the love for light novels with the users of this website, and would like to make it a big resource for light novels to introduce people to the vast world of light novels Smile
26-01-2019, 11:38 AM
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The site and forum is now back on the original host. Theres still a few tweaks to do but most of it is working OK


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