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If you experience any strange behavior with the forum software, please report it in this thread.

Also if you have any issues with registrations, please contact us at this e-mail address, and we'll deal with this issue as soon as possible.
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There was an e-mail issue with the main site in the last few days, if you registered in the main site and didn't receive any account activation e-mail, please register an account again (you can use the same Username you choose before).
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Plz add button Home in forum navbar (which link to page). Lol this will just help much.
13-04-2013, 07:04 AM
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(13-04-2013, 01:14 AM)_DK Wrote: Plz add button Home in forum navbar (which link to page). Lol this will just help much.

There is already a link at the bottom navigation that links to the main site. But I just added another link to at the top navigation, thanks Smile
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Is it just me or are there really no spoiler tags on this board?


23-04-2013, 04:15 AM
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(22-04-2013, 07:09 AM)Mecasonic13 Wrote: Is it just me or are there really no spoiler tags on this board?

I'll look into this and see if I can add this functionality.
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You can now add spoiler/s to your posts:

The following example spoilers should be surrounded by borders, if not, please clear your browser's cache.

Example 1:

Use this BBCode tag to create a spoiler without a title:
[spoiler]This is a spoiler[/spoiler]

Example 2:
Some Title (Click to View)

Use this BBCode tag to create a spoiler with a title:
[spoiler=Some Title]This is a spoiler with a title[/spoiler]

Example 3:
Outside Spoiler (Click to View)

A spoiler inside of another spoiler:
[spoiler=Outside Spoiler]
This is the outside spoiler...
[spoiler=Inside Spoiler]This is the inside spoiler...[/spoiler]
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Currently looking into the slowdown issue of both website and forum with technical support.

Edit: it seems that the issue was resolved.
04-03-2014, 06:12 AM
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From now on the following forums will serve as the official forums for ComiPedia and websites:
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I apologize for the forum being in a maintenance mode for too long.

The forum software was going to be updated with the latest version, but the current theme that's in use in this forum is too incompatible with the the newer software version, so it was either sticking with the current forum version and theme or updating the software and opting for a different theme.

Since the current theme used in this forum is one of the few that seem to suit this website (at least from my POV), finding a different one is going to be hard, and adapting the current theme to work with the new software version is going to take too much time that I would rather spend developing more features for the main website, but for now I'm not excluding this option.

The following are my thoughts concerning the future of the forum:
1) We'll be sticking with MyBB, since I really like it Tongue
2) Either update to the new version, and spend some time to adapt the current theme to work with the new software version, or wait for another great looking theme that's already compatible with the newer version.
3) If we have to go with a different theme (guh I really like this theme) it will have to be a clean/simple/professional looking theme, and of course uses gray colors (to suit the main website).
4) After the above is done, I'll see if I can make registration a little simpler by automatically registering users to the forum with the same username and password, which spares the users the need to register to both main website and forum.

Anyways, these are my thoughts about the forum, the forum will live of course in one form or another lol Big Grin

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