Portable Dental Unit in stock
07-02-2018, 03:41 PM
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Trolley case portable dental unit

Portable dental unit, portable, easy to carry namely: to meet at home or home oral health care and design and development, has the advantages of small volume, easy to carry, has the advantages of complete function; function and fixed large-scale comprehensive treatment almost no difference, especially by the user's welcome and respected.

1. Pure aluminum alloy case, strong and durable.
2. Built-550W air motor, hand piece pressure more secure
3. Air compressor with special damping feet, the machine sound more light and small
4. Built-in suction saliva system, the use of the world's leading systemic suction saliva system, to ensure that the absorption of saliva suction system to maintain a strong suction state for a long time
5. There is a spare fuse.

Model: BD-406A
Voltage: 110 V/60Hz, 220V/50Hz
Power: 550W
Air Flow: 130L/min
Pressure: 0.8 Mpa
Net Weight: 31 Kgs
Gross Weight: 36 Kgs
Noise: 40 dB
Packing Size: 54*41*75 cm

Standard Accessoiries:
Oilless Air Compressor Motor 1 pc
3 Way-Syringe 1 pc
High Speed Hand piece Pipe 1 pc
Low Speed Hand piece Pipe 1 pc
High Suction(Adjust) 1 pc
6L Air Tank 1 pc
Water Bottle 1 pc
Drain Bottle 1 pc
Foot Control 1 pc

1. Easy to use: portability, light weight, 2 seconds out of the box, connecting power supply then can be used;
2. Operation is simple: the same with the standard operation method of dental chair foot control;
3. Fashion appearance: travel box design, compact structure, can be provided, and freely;
4. Complete function: with the treatment function of all the desktop chair, meet the routine for everything you need;
5. Stable performance: working life up to 20000 hours of continuous use time limit;
6. Convenient maintenance: oil free air compressor as the power source, no maintenance, only need regular cleaning of the polluted water bottle;
Portable Dental Unit in stock

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