Best selling light novels of the year/all time (thread ver. 2)
16-10-2017, 02:19 AM
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Thread updated for monthly figures for September 2017:
Mahouka 23 gains 6k sales, going from 199th to 182nd all time.
KonoSuba 12 gains 4k sales, going from 308th to 296th all time.

I've not updated Uchiage Hanabi...'s figures as they seem inconsistent between the rankings, so I'm just leaving it with the totals for weekly figures.
22-10-2017, 03:47 AM
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Thread updated for w/c 9th October 2017

SAO 20 passes 200k sales, going from 126th to 119th all time.

OreGairu 12 goes from 190th to 172nd all time.

ImoIi volume 1 reranks, gaining 50k sales and going from 651st to 342nd all time and from 103rd to 58th on the redux ranks.
03-11-2017, 05:29 AM
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Thread updated for w/c 16th October

Sword Art Online 20 goes from 119th to 110th all time. It also passes Kimi no Na wa. for sales this year.

OreGairu 12 goes from 172nd to 161st all time.

Overlord 12 goes from 219th to 208th, in the process becoming the volume of the series to get the highest total sales before dropping out of the weekly rankings.

Thread updated for w/c 23rd October:

SAO 20 goes from 110th to 101st all time.

OreGairu 12 goes from 161st to 153rd all time.

Overlord 12 overtakes all three Mahouka volumes that came out this year on the year rankings. It breaks the top 200 all time, taking 191st place.

Shinyaku Index 19 breaks 50k, as does Kino no Tabi 21 (which overtakes Index). Meanwhile YouJitsu 7 narrowly misses out on a 50k week 1.

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