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The following light novel labels are aimed at males:

Publisher: Hifumi Shobo

Orgis Novel
Adult light novel label that's aimed at adult males. Described as a label aimed at men from their twenties to their forties who became unsatisfied with light novels and general novels. Adult web novel works from the novel contribution website "Nocturne Novels" (ノクターンノベルズ) are published in book/paper format under the "Orgis Novel" label with the addition of illustrations to them. (Nocturne Novels is an adult section of the novel contribution website "Shousetsuka ni Narou" (小説家になろう) that's aimed at adult male audience). The label started on February 25th, 2017 with the release of three light novel volumes. One light novel volume is released on a monthly basis.

Release Date: Monthly (25th)
Circulation: 2017/02 - ?

Publisher: Shogakukan

Gagaga Books
Shounen light novel label. Entertainment light novels aimed at boys. The label publishes web novels from the free online publishing website "Shousetsuka ni Narou" in paper/book format. The "Gagaga Books" label was started as the "Gagaga Bunko" 10th anniversary project. The label started on May 18th, 2017 with the release of one light novel volume.

Circulation: 2017/05 - ?


The following official website of the light novel labels should also be updated:

Gagaga Bunko website:

Lululu Bunko website:

Six more light novel labels will be added soon...
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Another light novel label:

Publisher: Mag Garden

マッグガーデンノベルズ (マッグガーデンノベルズ 小説家になろうシリーズ)
Mag Garden Novels (Mag Garden Novels Shousetsuka ni Narou Series)
The "MAG-Garden NOVELS" (マッグガーデンノベルス) label, which serialized mostly novelization of manga works from the manga magazine "Comic Blade", was renewed and restarted on June 30th, 2016 as the "Mag Garden Novels" (マッグガーデンノベルズ) label. The new "Mag Garden Novels" label centers on the publication of works from the novel posting website "Shousetsuka ni Narou" (小説家になろう) in book/paper format with the addition of illustrations.

Size: B6
Circulation: 2016/06 - ?


The label is aimed at males according to several online stores: bookwalker, booklive, mandarake, and toranoana.

Please note that this label will be added along side the existing "MAG-Garden NOVELS", so there will be the old label, which published novelization of manga, and the new label, which publishes novels from the Shousetsuka ni Narou website:
MAG-Garden NOVELS (old label)
Mag Garden Novels (new label)

More labels to be mentioned soon...
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And another light novel label:

Publiosher: Kodansha

KCデラックス ラノベ文庫 (KCDX ラノベ文庫)
KC Deluxe Ranobe Bunko (KCDX Ranobe Bunko)
Novelization of popular manga works. The label novelizes shounen manga. Started on March 17th, 2016.

Circulation: 2016/03 - ?


The label novelizes shounen manga, and seems to be associated with the male oriented light novel label "Kodansha Ranobe Bunko" (Kodansha LightNovel).
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The following labels are aimed at males according to Toranoana:
Freedom Novel
Asahi Novels

These labels will be updated as so in their respectibe pages.

Also the light novel volumes published by "TO Books" (TOブックス) are aimed at males. "TO Books" publishes 3 to 4 light novel volumes on a monthly basis.
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A new light novel label that's related to the "Hero Bunko" light novel label:

Publisher: Shufunotomosha

Prime Novels
A sibling light novel label of the "Hero Bunko" label that's aimed at an adult audience. Various genre of light literature, romance, mystery, SF, fantasy, ... will be published. Unlike it's sibling label "Hero Bunko", the label will publish light novels aimed at adults, but like it's sibling label, it will center on the publication of web novels from the "Shousetsuka ni Narou" website in book/paper format. The label started on January 18th, 2017 with the release of four light novel volumes.

Size: B6
Release Date: Monthly
Circulation: 2017/01 - ?


According to Toranoana the label is aimed at males.

More labels to be mentioned soon...

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