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In this thread I'll post the upcoming features to be added to the main LNDB.info website.


Currently Under Development:


- Adding two new fields to the light novel pages:
Associated Titles (for additional title/s of the same light novel series).
Related Light Novels (for adding related "sequel, prequel, ..." light novels to the light novel's page).
- Adding the source of the author/illustrator/light novel description and the url of the source's link.
- Adding light novel characters to light novel pages.
- History tabs for author, illustrator, and light novel pages.
- A "Recent Changes" page.
- Facebook, Google+, and Twitter liking/tweeting/recommending author/illustrator/light novel pages(urls).
- Addition of a "Random Page" menu option.
- Alphabetical selection for authors, illustrators and light novels, also picking how many to show on each page.
- Showing online users.
- Addition of summary and list of chapters for each light novel volume.
- Adding the number of volumes released per light novel label.
- Changing the number of volume field from an integer field to a regular text field (so numbers/characters representing the volume can be entered).
- Character relationship diagram.
- Addition of a block (between the "Recent Changes" and "Recent Comments" blocks on the main page) that contains 10 random light novels.
- Addition of more light novel genres: Slice of Life, School Life, Harem, Yuri, Yaoi/BL, Historical, Mecha, Supernatural, Super Power, Detective, Mahou Shoujo, Suspense, Sports.
- Changing how the search is conducted, from searching via a POST request to searching via a GET request.
- Pagination of comments.
- Combining author and illustrator. Addition/editing of "person" which can have an occupation of author, illustrator or both.
- Addition of person-related fields (Associated Names, Blood Type, Facebook page, Google+ page, Twitter page).
- The following fields will be added per light novel cover/volume:
Publisher of light novel volume.
Light novel label the volume was published under.
Author/s of light novel volume.
Illustrators of light novel volume.
- The possibility to mention if the light novel volume is a republication of one or more light novel volumes, and link to them.
- A "Releases" section.


- Addition of a URL link to the illustrator's pixiv account.
- Addition of a section specifically designated for authors that displays the genres of all their works.
- Users can follow authors/illustrators, and light novel series, any update to these with a new upcoming series or an upcoming light novel volume, the user gets notified about them.
- A tag cloud, and a recommended list based on the tags.
- A rating system (per light novel title/series).
- Addition of an online/web serialization section that has the following fields: start and end dates, website name, website link, number of chapters currently released, and number of volumes.
- Promotional Videos (PV) or commercials of light novel titles that are available through Amazon Japan or Youtube can be linked to.
- Scraping an Amazon JP url to get various data inputted automatically: number of pages, ISBN10, ISBN13, height, width, and thickness.
- Making the main website's design responsive.
- Addition of awards the author/illustrator/light novel has won.
- Addition of two features: "based on" and "adaptations". "Based on" is for mentioning what the light novel is based on (if it's not an original work but based on manga, game, or ...). "Adaptations" is for adding info about the adaptations that the light novel got, be it manga, game, anime, drama CD.
- A section for licensed light novels (title, language and date of release).
- An "Advanced Search" section. Such as searching by volume count, finished/ongoing, genre, ...
- An option to specify the original language of the light novel series, and an option to search/filter by original language (Japanese (default) / English / Chinese/ Korean / ...) in the "Advanced Search" section.
- Expanding of the users' profiles; users will be able to add a profile image (image will appear in their profile and in the comments tab), favourite light novels, authors, and illustrators, and other data.
- Addition of a personal reading list ("plan to read", "currently reading", "finished", and an obtained (bought) lists).
- More genres like psychological, tragedy, ...
- Addition of the following online book stores: Ebookjapan, Bookwalker, Booklive, and Honto. jbook ended and should be removed.


- Creating a new tab for showing all the characters, and showing only the protagonists and main characters in the view tab. (Reason: addition of options to show major or all characters in the light novel's characters section)
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This thread will be closed and used for keeping you up with the latest additions and features of the site. Your suggestions and feedback is welcome in the Feature Suggestions & Feedback thread.
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The following fields have been added:
Associated Titles (for additional title/s of the same light novel series).
Related Light Novels (for adding related "sequel, prequel, ..." light novels to the light novel's page).

Next I'll be adding the ability to add the source of the description and the url of the source. This is a small addition before starting work on the bigger light novel characters feature.
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The following fields have been added:
Added 2 fields for the addition of the source of the author/illustrator/light novel description and the url of the source's link.

This will allow you to mention from where you took the description if it's not yours. It is mandatory that you do if you took the author, illustrator or light novel description from some website that you add the website's name and the link to the website where the info resides.

The development on the light novel characters feature will commence soon.
08-06-2012, 06:53 AM
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The development of the light novel characters feature is in progress.

In the meantime few changes were done and added to the website:
- Do not show field title (Japanese, Gender, ...) in Author's and Illustrator's pages if there's no info associated with the field.
- Addition of revision number and contact e-mail to the front page.
17-06-2012, 03:17 AM
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The characters feature is done. Now it is possible to add characters to each light novel page, including an image per each character.

Currently the "History and recent changes" feature is in development.
23-06-2012, 07:51 PM
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The ability to add multiple authors and illustrators per a light novel entry has been added.

In the meantime work on the history feature is ongoing...
07-07-2012, 07:55 AM
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The site was updated with a few small fixes...

Work is still ongoing on the history feature. Estimated time to finish this feature is most likely by the end of July.
10-07-2012, 03:52 AM
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Authors, illustrators, and characters with missing images will now show a more appropriate "missing image" image.

A small update concerning the history feature, its about 50% finished. You can expect the feature to be ready and online by the end of July.
12-07-2012, 07:54 AM
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I updated the first post to include the next feature to be developed after the history feature:
- Facebook, Google+, and Twitter liking/tweeting/recommending author/illustrator/light novel pages(urls)

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