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03-04-2019, 09:04 PM
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In looking at the development of the online stopwatch, one could also take the opportunity to review the alternatives that existed for controlling employees in terms of the output that they could produce within a given period of time. The specific example of clock cards is indicative of some of the limitations that the alternatives brought to the table. The successful operation of the clock card depends on the integrity of the employees who are working under the system. If they choose to clock in at the wrong times or to clock for one another, then the original purpose of the project would have been lost. It is the case that many employees take the opportunity to abuse the clock card system in the knowledge that there is very little that their managers can do about it. It also involves an element of manual work in terms of the fact that the employee has to physically put their clock card in at certain events. The public sector organizations that were so reliant on the clock cards have now realized that it is not really an effective method of managing employees and they have moved on to the online stopwatch.

The online stopwatch attempted to deal with some online stopwatch of the issues mentioned by giving the employee the self control to see how much they could do within a given period of time. Thus it was no longer about just putting in the hours but a real effort that was aimed at building the profile of the company or the employee. One would start to look at the output from the vantage point of knowing that the clock was ticking and the employee had a duty to fulfill certain tasks within the set period of time if they were to pass the performance management test that operates within that organization.

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