What is Price Action?
02-04-2019, 04:18 AM
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What is Price Action? and why do forex traders have to learn about Price Action? and what are the benefits of Price Action? Let's discuss a little about trading strategies using the price action method.
What is Price Action?
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Price Action is taken from the language "Market Behavior" or "Price Behavior". Market behavior here is any movement of prices displayed on the chart which is a reflection of the behavior of market participants who are transacting. There are so many ways used by traders to see the direction trends of the forex market, one of them is price action.
Price Action Market Behavior
one of the market behaviors when Trending
What are the benefits of Price Action?
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Lots of people ask, can we make a profit just by understanding the market behavior or the cool language "Price Action"? Yes, of course you can because besides we get a picture of the trend of interest of market participants, we can also open buy / sell in the right direction.

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