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Make sure you say thank-you and compliment people that have provided you with a good service. There are so many people that don't really care about how they carry out their jobs so it's important to acknowledge and compliment those who do their job well or go the extra mile for us.

These are just some ideas to help give you inspiration. If you chatrandom use some of them they will enrich both your life and the recipient's lives greatly. If we all make more effort to be kind, the world will become a better place. Even just a simple smile can brighten someone's day.

Don't think small by asking yourself; "What if I do it, but no-one else bothers?" That doesn't matter, it's what YOU do that's important, so just do it anyway. You will find that the "warm and fuzzy" feeling that you get from carrying out random acts of kindness WILL make it all worthwhile!

Helen is the author of the Richer Life Bulletin which is no longer published.

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