Best selling Light Novels of 2014
06-03-2014, 06:31 PM
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Tokutou tenjouin α no nanjiken (part of the Q series) tops out a packed week of new series, with 25227, with Campione volume 16 not far behind, with 24743 sales. There's a chance that none of these new things will hit 50k, though.

Biblia adds another 20809 to its sales tally. Going strong still, and up to 17th all time now. My prediction is it will end up 10th or 11th. More likely the latter.

Papa no Iu Koto wo Kikinasai vol 15 barely scrapes 20k. That's a nasty drop off on previous first weeks considering that it had 6 days to accumulate those sales. The last volume accumulated over 18k in just 3.

Highschool DxD comfortably passes 50k sales, gaining 17816 to 57.6k, the 9th volume to do so this year.

So much for Machine Doll not getting any anime boost! It pulls a bit of an Accel World, getting 16851 more sales in week 2, putting its total fully 5k above what volume 12 gained in one fewer days. Will it get a third week for the first time ever? It's unlikely, but possible.

Accel World itself gains almost exactly 7k, with Owarimonogatari gaining very slightly more. Both will soon be out of the rankings.

As predicted, Sanbiki no Ossan drops out of the rankings. This was a tough week, though, so it's possible that it will reappear.

Manga de wakaru... gains 13471 sales. It's almost embarrassing how well something that doesn't really belong on this list is doing.

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