Best selling light novels of the year/all time (thread ver. 2)
26-05-2018, 08:12 PM
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(18-02-2018, 07:23 AM)kuuderes_shadow Wrote: On a somewhat unrelated note,

With the amount of ad spam this forum has seen in recent months, and the fact that said spam posts are being left untouched for months on end, I think it's time to move this thread somewhere else. At the time of writing I have yet to decide where, but the thread will be updated with a link to the new location when it is decided.

I would welcome any suggestions of good places to put it.

I'm pretty sorry to hear that, and do apologize for not maintaining the forum enough. Thanks for maintaining this thread, and keeping us all informed with light novel best sellers per years and across all years Smile

All spam threads and posts were removed from the forum. You are welcome any time to post new data here, but it's obviously your decision to make.

Thanks again for this great thread Smile

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