Addition/Modification/Removal Thread
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This forum will serve as the official forum for the ComiPedia website.

This thread will be the main thread, and should be used for posting about new additions, and changes to the manga magazine guide.

The website doesn't only contain information about manga magazines, but also comic imprints, comic bunko imprints, light novel labels, web and digital manga magazines, and mobile manga magazines.

I recommend new additions to be added to ComiPedia to be posted here in the following order:

Publisher: name of publisher (recommended to be in bold)

Japanese Title
English Title
[target readership: shoujo/shounen/seinen/josei/seijin]
Info about publication

Size: size of publication
Circulation: start date - end date
Release Date: Weekly/Bi-Weekly/Monthly/Bi-monthly/...

interest: 4koma, Adult, Alternative, Animal, Anime Magazine, Bestiality, Children, Cross-dressing, Douwa, Fantasy, Fishing, Fujoshi, Futanari, Gag, Gaming, Golf, Gravure, History, Horror, Incest, Jidaigeki, Jitsuwa, Kandou, Kannou, Light Novel, Loli, Love Romance, Mahjong, Manga Anthology, Mecha, Mediamix, Moe, Mook, Otaku, Otome, Pachinko, Pachisuro, Rekijo, RPG, Ryoujoku, S&M, Shota, Teens Love

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