How to Stimulate Lovebirds so that they are Ngekek
29-03-2019, 10:07 PM
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Lovebird has a different chirping sound, but most fans prefer Lovebird who is active at it. Even for Lovebirds who are diligent in practicing it, not a few of them do unique ways to be diligent in their efforts, Lovebird lovers generally like this bird because of its hoarse voice. The longer you are, the better the bird will be. Aside from being able to be used for masters, lovebird long nags are often included in the race.

kenapa lovebird jarang bunyi Therefore many people try to train and cook their favorite birds, besides using master audio from mp3 devices, practicing lovebirds to be diligent in voicing their hoaxes can also be done in various ways. Not a few lovebird lovers who use certain objects to train Lovebird to be diligent in their effort.

Here are some unique ways to catch Lovebird birds:
1. Using Styrofoam foam

Styrofoam foam which is usually used to wrap electronic items can be used to lure your beloved Lovebird so diligently to tackle it, the result is that the bird will become addicted and sound like it is loud. lovebird paud kurang birahi If this is done routinely, then lovebird becomes more diligent.

2. Use used beverage cans

Used cans of soft drinks can be used to provoke lovebrird sound, how to insert small stones into cans of soft drinks. Then the can is shaken so that it can produce a unique sound similar to lovebird.

3. Using citan cit toys

Another unique way is to use equipment that can be found at the bird market or bird accessories store, just tell the seller that you are looking for a special parrot toy called pet-petan or cit-citan. This toy is made of plastic, the way to use it is very easy, namely by pressing it by hand and will produce a sound similar to Lovebird ngekek. lovebird biar mau ngekek

Those are some unique ways to provoke a nagging voice on lovebird, so that if you are more often trained, make lovebird make a loud noise.

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