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New light novel label: Overlap Bunko - Mecasonic13 - 30-12-2012

So Overlap, a new company that was created this year by MF executives, has announced a new light novel label: Overlap Bunko (Official Site, Trailer, Twitter Account)

For now they have announced two light novels series : Infinite Stratos and Occultis;Nine:
  • Infinite Stratos is going to be a continuation of the series originally published by Media Factory under the MF Bunko J label. Choco will replace Okiura as the illustrator. Volume 8 has been announced to be released in April. The 7 previous volumes will also be rereleased with Choco's illustrations. (Trailer, Official Site)
  • Occultis;Nine is a new light novel by the author of Chaos;Head, Steins;Gate and Robotics;Notes. The illustrator is pako. (Trailer, Official Site)

The official site also shows illustrations by refeia, Kana Ishida and Shirabii, although I don't know if there are previews of yet-to-be-announced novels or not.

The writers for this new label are:

RE: New light novel label: Overlap Bunko - MachinaFox - 01-02-2013

Looks like there are 3 novels beside Occultic;Nine and IS, all illustrated by peoples you mentioned. Unless I'm wrong, their launching will start on the 4th month of this year.

here is the link of their blog: http://blog.over-lap.co.jp/bunko/

lastly I don't know if this is a right place but, I'm a new member around here, and while I'll be hanging around a lot, hoping a guidance from everyone else~ Big Grin

RE: New light novel label: Overlap Bunko - hpulley - 17-08-2013

Pan Tachibana's new series Masochistic Ecstasy comes out later this month:

[Image: 9784906866281_LL.jpg]