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With the game and stress test EA servers - Gamerzone - 13-02-2019

It can be a shock to the system when a game developer deviates from the type of games it has built its name on. Bioware, so famed for its sprawling story-based single-player role-playing games, is doing just that with Anthem which is shaping up to be one of the biggest and best upcoming games of 2019.

Broadly billed as publisher EA's answer to Destiny, Anthem is a shared-world multiplayer shooter in which you play as a 'freelancer', a super-soldier packed into a Javelin exosuit, sent to complete missions and gather loot in its ornate sci-fi fantasy world.And what a world it is. While Bioware may be departing from its single-player roots, the developer's flair for world-building --shown in games such as Mass Effect and Dragon Age-- and malleable narrative is still set to play a major part in an intriguing, and still somewhat mysterious adventure.

Bioware ran a closed alpha in December for a select number of players to get hands-on with the game and stress test EA servers Buy Anthem Items. If you didn't get a chance to take part, the developers released a 15 minute long video detailing the 'Lost Arcanist' mission which show off Anthem's gorgeous world, flying and frenetic combat.

Will there be an Anthem beta or demo pre-release? Yes. Following December's alpha, EA has announced that there will be two pre-launch demos for Anthem. Those that have pre-ordered the game, or are a subscriber to either Origin Access or EA Access, will have access to the 'VIP demo' that runs from Friday 25 January to Sunday 27 January on PC, Xbox One and PS4. A free demo will be available on the platforms the following weekend, running from Friday 1 February to Sunday 3 February.

Bioware has said that players will start the demo at level 10 to give them a chance to stretch out some of your Javelin exo-suit powers, with you able to level up to the cap of 15.While Anthem might be a departure from Bioware's single-player RPGs, its stellar experience in sci-fi world building with Mass Effect can be felt throughout the new game. You will be able to influence the narrative and make choices in a substantial storyline, with the developer hoping to thread its storytelling expertise into a primarily multiplayer game about raiding and collecting sweet loot.

The titular Anthem, meanwhile, refers to a great mythical power that was used by an ancient alien race know as the 'shapers' to create the planet the game takes place on. However, for some reason the planet was left unfinished, with the Anthem continuing to morph and corrupt the world.You are a 'Freelancer' sent to collect dangerous relics left behind by the shapers. The relics need locating and powering down, apparently to avoid planet-shattering disaster. As a skilled pilot of a 'Javelin' exosuit, your chosen Freelancer will come with their own class and abilities.

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