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Vardenafil has a small number of contraindications, suitable for older men, does not accumulate in the vardenafil plasma and is not addictive . If necessary, treatment with vardenafil vardenafil can be repeated several times . Due to the qualitative composition, it has a targeted effect on the reproductive system, without harming the nervous and circulatory systems .
The drug Vardenafil vardenafil is recommended for reception to those men who have difficulty in achieving and maintaining an erection . The most frequent factors that provoke the development of erectile dysfunction include: diseases of the genital and urinary systems; regular use of hormonal drugs; unhealthy diet; vardenafil bad habits; sedentary lifestyle; lack of physical activity; frequent depression . This pathology can occur in men of any age categories and have various causes . This condition is called erectile vardenafil dysfunction .

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